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behind certain torture. there are some common techniques according to dr. latham that can be applied to try to keep a cool head. >> sometimes putting on the headphones can be another solution to avoiding the situation by just tuning it out. >> you can also tune out by reading, being able to concentrate on reading material will help distract your attention from an otherwise irritating situation. if you feel like being more confrontational about things, dr. latham says there is a polite way to do it. take, for example, someone's loud cell phone conversation. >> i don't think that there's anything wrong with bringing to the attention of someone who let's say is talking on a cell phone, would you mind taking the conversation elsewhere. >> the best advice if you can manage it is still -- >> walking away, frankly is the best thing you can do. >> once again, whatever the case may be, whether it is the cracking of the knuckles, the excessive use of the cell phone or all of the traffic in washington, dr. latham says always remember, most of the time, it is just temporary. i'm ken molestina,
get attitude with your service. >> rude people. dr. latham says ill-mannered people make our blood boil. >> we have a desire to be seen, to be noticed for people to take attention of us and when we're not seen, that can often cause us to become very irritated. >> the dangerous of being constantly irritated can lead to chronic anxiety and even high blood pressure. but you can avoid the stresses by tuning out, reading a book or listening to music or simply? >> just walking away, frankly is the best thing you can do. >> of course, walking away isn't always doable. tomorrow morning at 6:15 we'll give you more tips and teach you how to cope with every day annoy answers because after all, we'll have to deal with them at some point. we want to hear what else irritates you. head to our website and click on the story and let us know by leaving a comment. back to you. >> don't even get me started, ken. [laughter]. now, many would also call the recent heat wave annoying, but with all of the severe even dangerous weather we've been seeing across the country some also say it's a littl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)

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